Classroom-to-Web Course Conversions

For organizations planning to convert classroom courses to the Web, I offer the following services.

Content Strategy Development. A content strategy defines your purpose for converting classroom courses to the Web, which courses to convert when (and why), and which Web delivery media to convert to (e.g., virtual classroom, self-paced, blended, etc.). So if you have a library of classroom courses that you want delivered over the Web, I can develop a strategy for converting those courses to the appropriate e-learning media. To develop the strategy, I will analyze your existing classroom curricula and materials from content, instructional methodology, audience, market, and cost perspectives. 

Conversion Process Development. Once you have a content strategy in place (see above), you will need a content conversion process. I can evaluate your existing content, the tools you will be using to build your e-learning content, your available resources, and your desired delivery date(s) to plan a step-by-step conversion process for you.

Blended Learning Solutions Design

For organizations considering training solutions that combine a variety of delivery media and collaborative and self-paced learning events, I offer the following services.

Blended Learning Analysis and Strategy Development. A blended learning solution is a learning program that combines learning delivery media, collaborative and self-paced events, and face-to-face and distributed learning events to best suit the learning goals and audience needs. I can analyze your training goals and audience profile to develop a blended learning strategy for you. I will match learning goals and learners with a blend of delivery media such as: 

  • classroom training
  • Web-based, self-paced training
  • computer-based, self-paced training
  • virtual classroom training (Web)
  • discussion boards (Web)
  • online coaching and mentoring (Web)
  • paper-based support materials
  • knowledge databases

Training Design and Development

For Web-based, computer-based, classroom-based, or blended training programs, I offer the following end-to-end services.

Training Analysis. The first phase of any training program, a training analysis defines the need or problem, identifies its source(s), and determines possible solutions. My training analysis typically includes needs, audience, job, task, and skill analyses; my report to you will include training goals, audience profiles, and a list of tasks and skills that will be taught in the program.

Curriculum Planning. Using the results of the training analysis (see above), I can determine the audience profile, curriculum structure, and course breakdown for the given training curriculum. 

Content Design and Development. For each course in the training curriculum, I can develop a design document to the learning objective level. Then I can also write/develop the course according to the design document specifications.