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  • Why Sound Off the Ground?

    This is a pinned post. To see the newest issue, just scroll down. Launching Feb. 1, 2023 Why did I create Sound Off the Ground? Because just a few years ago, when I was brand new to audio, I got a lot of help from other people in the industry. And now I’ve learned enough…

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  • Sounds Complicated [SOTG #5]

    When explaining complex information, sometimes words aren’t enough. Creative use of sound design can give your listeners a frame of reference so they can fully grasp your meaning.

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  • A Beginner’s Course: Five Episodes from Sound School Podcast [SOTG #4]

    Before we get started: Last month, I participated in an AIR (Association of Independents in Radio) webinar about how non-musicians can learn to make their own podcast music. As one of three panelists, I focused on showing how easy it can be to use free or inexpensive iOS music apps. AIR members can watch the…

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  • Looperman: The Hero We Deserve [SOTG #3]

    Today, I’m going to gush about a sound-design superhero: Looperman ( Looperman has nearly 230,000 loops (short music clips) that you can use for free in non-commercial and commercial projects.

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